Motorsport / 26.02.2014 Sonax celebrates Formula 1 season´s start with many innovations

Attractive Sonax innovations such as the products in the “Green lemon” series and SX90 Plus “Easy Spray” multifunctional oil.

The new Sonax Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate “Green lemon” yields twelve litres of cleaning solution and will be offered in a practical 3-litre round canister from 2014. In the warm season, it is imperative that the cleaner removes insect residue that may be smeared over the windscreen when the wiper is activated and thus impair visibility. An easy task for the windscreen cleaner thanks to the innovative Sonax technology, saving considerable liquid and increasing safety.

The container developed by Sonax will immediately attract the customer’s attention. Coming with a practical handle and wide spout, it is particularly user-friendly: the liquid is filled in cleanly and conveniently, without gurgling and spilling. The pleasant “Green Lemon” fragrance brings a refreshing atmosphere to the car’s interior, wakening the human senses with every windscreen washer activation. Thus, the product sets itself apart from this category’s “price breakers” that often remain an unpleasant memory due to their pungent and acrid smell.

By the way: from 2014, fans of highly concentrated products will be able to enjoy the “Green Lemon” experience as well, as the car care expert will also add this fragrance to the classic in its portfolio – Sonax Clear view 1:100. Here, the well-established 250-ml bottle yields 25 litres of concentrated cleaning power for clear view and increased safety. Just as all Sonax windscreen cleaners for the summer, the new Clear View 1:00 “Green Lemon” is designed to remove insects, dirt, dazzling and greasy films within seconds. In addition, the formulas are compatible with paintwork and plastics, and are well suitable for XENON headlamps and plastic diffusers in clear glass design. Thanks to the anti-lime effect, the product can be mixed with tap water of all hardness degrees.

Freshness and maintenance for the cockpit

Also Sonax Cockpit spray “matt effect” available in the practical 500-ml spray bottle comes with the fresh green lemon scent. The silicone and solvent-free product cleans and maintains all plastic surfaces in the vehicle’s interior. It seals without producing gloss and also preserves matt and structures surfaces. The cockpit spray prevents electrostatic charges, has a dust-repellent effect and protects against resoiling. The formula avoids distracting reflections on the windscreen.

“Green Lemon” – also for air conditioner care

Sonax Car A/C Cleaner anti-bacterial in the special 150-ml aerosol can brings a pleasant atmosphere to the car’s interior. Its value of benefit is even elevated by the refreshing “Green Lemon” fragrance. The easily applied product disinfects the ventilation system of the air conditioner and eliminates bacteria, mould and other germs.

The classic: SX90 Plus “Easy Spray” multifunctional oil

One of the experts’ tips is the SX90 Plus multifunctional oil, the application of which the manufacturer from Neuburg has optimised. The new “Easy Spray” double spray system now enables easy switching between extensive and targeted application without having to exchange nozzles or spray heads. In addition, the special valve ensures more flexible utilisation – the product can be used at any angle, even upside down.The formula that won the Auto Bild and GTÜ tests is a versatile multi-function oil, which has established as problem solver for all issues around cars, motorbikes or bicycles, hobbies, households, gardens, plants and workshops. From January 2014, the “Easy Spray” is available in 100-ml and 400-ml cans.Good to know: from 2014, Sonax will also implement the sophisticated product concept with the new spray head for MOS2-Oil – the classic among the multi-function oils – and for Sonax Silicone spray for bicycles and motorbikes.